On another level: N.B. flood victims take no chances with their summer home

Using 12 power poles, giant bolts and a crane, Tina and Paul Arthurs lifted their camper six feet high – no longer fearing the spring freshet.

The couple know the destruction of a flood. The historic 2018 flood along the St. John River destroyed the main level of their home. They lived in a camper for months, well into the winter, while the house was renovated and lifted six feet.

The Arthurs decided to do the same for their summer home – a camper on a piece of riverfront property.

“It will never flood here,” said Paul Arthurs. “Like, this is never going to hit water. If it floods here, everything’s flooded.”

The power poles go seven or eight feet into the ground, and are secured by huge lag bolts. They use a ladder to get up and down.

Paul calls it his ‘tree trailer.’

“On the weekends, I probably have 50 to 60 people stopping, taking pictures and asking me how I did it,” he said.

One of the onlookers took a video – and posted it to TikTok. It’s captioned: ‘Tell me you live in a flood zone without telling me you live in a flood zone.’

It now has thousands of views.

“Nobody’s ever seen this before, but I’m from the States,” he said. “I’ve seen this along the coast, I know they do this with houses – this trailer is only 7,000 pounds.”

For Tina, it’s peace of mind – the ability to enjoy the river, without the resentment.

“The fear of having to go through a flood, is gone,” she said. “So, now it’s a four-season cottage that we can use which to me, is the reason for the whole thing.”


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